How Do I Connect Ingenico?

How do I connect my Ingenico iwl258 to WiFi?

Reboot TerminalOnce a READY prompt appears on screen, press the down button to access the function menu.

Scoll down and select option ‘3-Initialization’ by pressing ENTER .Scoll down and select option ‘2-Hardware’ by pressing ENTER .Scoll down and select option ‘6-WiFi Setup’ by pressing ENTER .More items….

How do I connect to Eftpos WiFi?

WiFi ConnectivitySelect “Utility” on the main menu of the EFTPOS 1 terminal.Select “Network”Select “WiFi”Select “Scan New”Available WiFi networks will be shown on the screen.Enter the WiFi password then press the [enter] key.The WiFi signal icon will now display on the idle screen.

How do I connect my Ingenico to WiFi?

Power On WiFiScroll to and select 3-TDA (using the F2 button to scroll and Green button to enter) … Press 0 on the keypad to enter 0-Configuration.Press 0 on the keypad to enter 0-Communication.Press 3 on the keypad to enter 3-Wifi Settings.Press 0 on the keypad to enter 0-Power.Press 1 on the keypad to enter 1-ON.More items…

How do I install Ingenico iCT220?

Let’s take a look!Start DriverMax and click on the yellow button named ~SCAN FOR DRIVER UPDATES NOW~. Wait for DriverMax to scan and analyze each driver on your PC.Take a look at the list of available driver updates. Search the list until you locate the Ingenico Ingenico iCT250/iCT220 driver. Click the Update button.

How do I connect my Ingenico card reader?

Power on the iCMP using the power button on the right side. The reader should display ‘BT Pairing Required’. If the screen displays a ‘Welcome’ message, tap the ‘F’ key 4 times rapidly. When entering pairing mode, a ‘Begin’ message should appear on the screen above the ‘F1’ key.

How do I reset my Ingenico card?

Try a soft reboot.Hold down the clear button and the punctuation button (below the 9 key) at the same time for 3-5 seconds, until the terminal turns off.Once off, hold the enter button until the terminal powers on.Try the transaction again.

How do you use a card machine as a waitress?

Ask your customer to insert their card into the card machine. Once the merchant receipt is printed, tear it off and ask the customer for their signature. Remove the card from the card machine and check that the signatures match. Then follow the onscreen prompts to complete payment.

How does a card machine work?

An issuing bank supplies the customer with their credit or debit card. The bank will check the customer details and ensure they have enough cleared funds in their account to make payment. Once the payment is verified, a signal is sent back to the card machine. A receipt is printed with proof of the accepted payment.