Is Arhaan A Hindu Name?

Is Amar a Hindu name?

Amar is a Hindu Boy name and it is Hindi originated name with multiple meanings.

Amar name meaning is immortal in Sanskrit,..

Is aarav name of Shiva?

Arav means Peaceful; Smart; Beautiful; Lord Shiva; Sound of Morning Saga.

Is Ayaan name in Quran?

A Quranic Name for Boys and Girls You can use either Ayaan or Ayan, both are correct and acceptable.

What does Ahaan mean?

Meaning of the name Ahaan. Parents of newborns will like this name, which means dawn or early morning. Origin of the name Ahaan.

What does Nihal mean in Punjabi?

Nihal is a Punjabi name for boys meaning Happy; Blissful person; Content.

How do you say Nihal in Arabic?

It is written as نهال in Arabic and Farsi, and can also be written as Nehal, Neihal, Nehalle, Nahaal, Nihaal, Nehaal in English.

How do you say Saanvika in Telugu?

Telugu meaning and birth start details of SaanvikaName : Saanvika.Meaning : means goddess lakshmi . It is a given Indian Telugu FEMALE name.Telugu Script : సాన్విక Saanvika Jatakamu (Horoscope) details.Rashi : Kumbha.Zodiac Sign : Aquarius.Nakshatra : Sathabisham.BirthStar : Rahu.Length of name : 8 letters.

Is arham name of Allah?

Arham (means more merciful) Is it suitable to keep such name for boys. It is derived from “arhaman nir rahim” and is not Allah subhan watallh name. According to few scholors, it is not a siffat of Allah so it can be kept as name.

Is Ahaan a Hindu name?

Ahaan is baby boy name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Ahaan name meanings is Dawn, Sunrise, Morning glory, First Ray of light.

Is Nihal a Hindu name?

Nihal is a Hindu Boy Name. Nihal name meaning is Romantic, Joyful. … The name is originated from Hindi. The lucky number of Nihal name is 5.

What does arhaan mean?

Arhaan is a Muslim boy name. … Arhaan name meaning is “Ruler, King”. In Urdu Arhaan Meaning is “حکمران، بادشاہ “. This is an Islamic name. Arhaan name is also written as Arhan.