Quick Answer: Does Anyone Fail In Practicals In DU?

What is passing marks in DU?

(a) The minimum marks required to pass any paper in a semester shall be 40% in theory and 40% in Practical, wherever applicable.

The student must secure 40% in the End Semester Examination and 40% in the total of End Semester Examination & Internal Assessment of the paper for both theory & practical separately..

Is it compulsory to pass in theory?

Yes, definitely it is very much necessary to pass in both theory and practical examination separately as both of them are important for each of the subject having theory and practical examination. In order to pass in the theory paper, you must score a minimum of 23 marks to qualify in it.

What is the pass mark for 75?

Passing Standard The learners shall obtain minimum of 40% marks (i.e. 10 out of 25) in the Internal Assessment and 40% marks in Semester End Examination (i.e. 30 Out of 75) separately, to pass the course and minimum of Grade E to pass a particular semester.

Do private candidates have to give practical exam?

For private candidates who are going to appear in Board’s Examinations this year first time, in subjects having practical/project/internal assessment component, the candidate will be examined in theory part on the basis of marks of Theory.

Can I repeat 12th after graduation?

Yes you can repeat 12th as many times as you can. Just be sure that repeating 12 th each time will reduce your chances of getting a seat based solely on 12th marks (such as BCom, BSc or BA) each time. You might get 90% next time or 70 % but keep in time only this new score will remain, the old ones get wiped out.

Does anyone fail in practicals?

You teacher will give you passing marks. You may get less marks but you won’t fail. But in any case if you are not able to give your Practical, then you will be declared fail even if you get passing marks in your theory exams.

What happens if u fail in one one subject in a semester in DU?

Students who have failed in one subject and have obtained minimum 27% aggregate marks of the 3rd and 4th semester in that subject or have failed / failed to appear in the SEC examination will be provisionally promoted to the 3rd semester but will have to clearly pass the carry over papers / SEC Examinations in the next …

Is it necessary to pass in internals in Du Quora?

Generally in DU theory paper is of 75 marks whereas internal is of 25 marks on the other hand practicals are also there for science students of 50 marks. So it’s not at all compulsory for one to pass in both internal and theory exams . But it’s compulsory to pass in theory exam and in practical as well.

Can I repeat Class 12 with different stream?

Yes you can but you need to select another school board. You are not allowed to do 12th standard twice with different streams from same board. So you have to change your school board before admission. You can choose any other state board or open board.

What happens if a student is absent for a CBSE class 12 board exam?

If a student is absent in board exams due to illness or some other reasons ,he or she will have to appeare next year as he will be marked as absentee. But if you are absent in only one subject you can get your marksheet and apply for university or collage ,and next year, you can appear for that paper .

Is it compulsory to give practical exam in Nios?

Attendance in five practical classes is compulsory. To perform better in NIOS a learner must appear for examination only when student feels is well prepared in the subjects.

What happens if you fail practical exam?

If you manage to secure passing marks in supplementary examination of practical then your overall status will be passed in that subject in which you have failed in practical examination. Try to secure better marks, if you get 25 out of 30 then your overall marks will be 56 which is more than average marks.