What Are Examples Of Learning Resources?

What are the types of resources?

Types of Resources: Resources are usually classified into three types, viz.

natural, human made and human resources.

Natural Resource: Resources which are obtained from nature are called natural resources..

Who is a resource person in education?

Resource people are experts or authorities who contribute information and opinions to participants in a learning situation. They frequently are used to conduct educational activities, but may also be helpful to your committee at the program planning stage. Resource people may be from within or outside the organization.

What is meant by learning resources?

Learning resource” means a resource used for educational purposes in any format, real or virtual, that: illustrates or supports one or more elements of a course or course of study; and may enrich the learning experience of the student or teacher”. Learning resources meet the varying needs of student and teachers .

What is the importance of learning resources?

Effective usage of proper learning resources help the students to construct more than superficial knowledge that is building in depth knowledge on a particular subject and also developing their individual learning strategies, values, attitudes and generic skills.

What is the importance of teaching and learning resources?

The purpose and role of teaching and learning resources don’t only consist of making the educational process more attractive and interesting, but also of encouraging active learning, the development of different skills and the adoption of desirable values and attitudes of students.

What are the learning resources in teaching/learning process?

As well as being sources of knowledge for teachers, learning resources can be used by teachers and teacher educators to co-construct knowledge as part of continuing professional development. For example, observation sheets, feedback forms and action plans can be used during classroom observation and mentoring.

What are the examples of open educational resources?

Open Educational ResourcesOpen Courseware.Learning Modules.Open Textbooks.Streaming Videos.Open Access Journals.Online Tutorials.Digital Learning Objects.

How can we make learning resources?

Here’s a list of suggestions to get you started:Accumulate a collection of high-interest reading materials. … Tap into resources at local museums, parks, and cultural centers. … Spend time at the library. … Create a file for interesting articles. … Bookmark useful and interesting sites on the Internet.

What are the educational resources?

Education resources includes the teachers in the school, human beings in the community, real objects, specimen or models, chalk and display boards, school buildings and layout, the community at large and other fundamental materials like pencils, pens, exercise books etc which the learners are expected to have at any …

What is the purpose of resources?

Resources are used to ensure learners are being engaged and for learners to meet their learning needs, their preferred learning styles and for them to achieve their learning outcomes.

What is the purpose of learning?

The purpose of learning is about learners being prepared for their future and reaching their fullest potential as lifelong learners. This means that they have a voice with the confidence to express their ideas and opinions so they are heard and taken into account in any situation.