What Can I Put On My TV Stand Instead Of A TV?

Does your TV stand need to be bigger than your TV?

The Basics Our rule of thumb is that your media stand should be at least a few inches wider that the base of your TV, so that there are a few inches of breathing room on either side then the TV is placed on top.

This will help keep your setup from feeling too “top heavy” and unbalanced..

What are TV Stands called?

Media centers, also known as wall units or entertainment centers: Are often very large, occupying significant wall space. Surround the television on each side and sometimes above. Offer plenty of storage and display options via shelves, drawers and cabinets.

How big of a TV stand do I need for a 55 inch TV?

For example, if you have a 55″ TV and do not want any over hang on the TV console, you will want to get one that is at least 50″ wide. Measure your TV to get it’s true width to be sure though. A rule of thumb for us here is to have about 3 inches (give or take) of overhang on each end of your TV stand.

How do I mount a flat screen TV?

How to wall mount your TVDecide where you want to position the TV. … Locate the wall studs using a stud finder. … Mark and drill your pilot holes. … Attach the mounting bracket to the wall. … Attach the mounting plate to the TV. … Mount your TV to the wall. … Enjoy your newly mounted TV!

What kind of wood should I use for a TV stand?

Hickory. Hickory is, perhaps, the most common hardwood for real wood furniture. Hickory’s popularity comes from its density, sturdiness, and beauty. Hickory works well as hardwood flooring, and it’s an excellent wood for large entertainment centers.

What do you call a piece of furniture that holds a TV?

console. noun. a piece of furniture designed to hold a television, radio, or other piece of electronic equipment.

Can you use a TV without a stand?

The TV is made to be propped on the stand or wall mounted. … The only way that you would be able to use it without a stand is to lean it up against the wall.

How do you decorate a TV console?

We’ve pulled together some ideas to help you decorate around the TV and incorporate it into your room’s design:Use a wall unit with matching hutch or bookcases. … Start with a media console or chest and get creative. … Out of sight. … Above the fireplace. … In the built-ins. … The layered look. … Creative custom solution.More items…•

How do I choose a TV stand?

How to Choose a TV Stand:Choose a Comfortable Viewing Height. Craning your neck at awkward angles for hours is a recipe for discomfort, so your TV stand should position the screen at eye level. … Match the TV Size and Width. … Complement the Room Layout. … Choose a Style. … Pick the Right Material. … Plan for Storage and Organization.

Can you change stand on Samsung TV?

While Samsung TV stands can be adjusted, this equipment is not one-size-fits-all. … It is essential that you get a TV stand that is designed for the size of your television, as each stand is equipped to hold a certain amount of weight.

How do I secure my TV without a wall mount?

You can also use earthquake straps to secure your TV to the wall, but if your flat screen isn’t near a wall, you can secure your TV to the actual stand using anti-top straps. Just be sure that your stand is heavy enough not to come toppling over with the TV.

Which material is best for TV unit?

MaterialWood. Wood, being the most traditional furniture material, is also the most common TV stand construction. … Metal. A metal TV stand will be sturdy, more lightweight than wood, and have a potentially slimmer profile. … Glass.