What Does STM Mean?

What does STM mean in business?

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STM Stands For : Science Technical Medical | Ship To Manufacturer | State Trade Mission | Stm Grp | S T Microelectronics N V | Support Tools Manager..

What is difference between Shri and SMT?

Sri/Shri is often used as a respectful affix to the names of celebrated or revered persons. It is not gender-specific, but the assumption that it is gender-specific has resulted in the title of Shrimati (abbreviated Smt) for women.

What is SMT before name?

Shrimati or Shreemati (Sanskrit: श्रीमती), abbreviated Smt., is a widely accepted Indian honorific (akin to Mrs.

What does BC mean in pregnancy?

BC or BCP: Birth control or birth with the goal of baby-making. IF: Infertility. PCOS: Polycystic ovary syndrome (a condition in which the female sex hormones are out of balance, which can prevent ovulation from occurring regularly and make it more difficult for a woman to get pregnant)

What is SMT title?

Shrimati or Shreemati (Smt.) is the standard Indian honorific title used when referring to an adult, married female in various Indian languages. It can safely be substituted by Mrs. in English.

What is SMT used for?

Surface mount technology (SMT) allows for the creation of customized electronic circuits by mounting individual components to a printed circuit board. Previous to SMT, individual electronic components had to have their leads pass through the circuit board for them to function properly.

What does SMT mean in school?

School Management TeamThe School Management Team (SMT) as constituted in the new educational dispensation that ushered in the Outcome Basic Education System (OBE) is a new structure with the sole function of giving leadership guidance, direction and assistance in the teaching/learning situation.

What is a FTM mom?

7. FTM = First-Time Mom: This is you! In the maternity world, a FTM is exactly what she sounds like — someone who is going to be (or already is) a mama for the very first time.

What does STM mean pregnancy?

Sympto-Thermal MethodThe Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) is a natural and healthy fertility awareness based method (FABM) of family planning that makes use of a woman’s observations of her cervical fluid, basal body temperature (waking temperature) and other biological signs (e.g., changes in the cervix) in order to identify the fertile and …

What is DD in baby terms?

DD is “dear daughter” and DS is “dear son” and DH is yep, you guessed it, dear husband. … Sons and daughters tend to be “dear” to their mothers. Usually.

WHAT IS STM in finance?

Settle to Market (STM) treats Variation Margin at CCPs as settlement instead of collateral. This has the possibility of reducing Leverage Ratio costs and hence lowering regulatory capital charges. … The CFTC have requested that all CCPs in the US treat Variation Margin as STM.

What does SMT mean when texting?

Sucking My TeethSecond Definition For SMTSMTDefinition:Sucking My TeethType:AbbreviationGuessability:2: Quite easy to guessTypical Users:Adults and Teenagers

What does SMT meeting mean?

Senior Management Team. SMT. Store Manager Trainee (various companies) SMT. Suomen Matkatoimisto (Finnish travel agency)

What is difference between MRS and SMT?

Smt is a short form of Shrimati which is prefixed before the name of a married woman as a honorific title and it can safely be substituted by Mrs. in English. Likewise, Km is a short form of Kumari which is prefixed before the name of an unmarried woman as a honorific title and it can be translated as Miss.